Noah Campbell

Noah Campbell is a Cybersecurity Researcher at St. Clair College. As a graduate of the University of Windsor and a Faculty of Science Gold LEAD Medallion Scholar, Noah holds an Honours Bachelor's Degree of Computer Science in Applied Computing with Distinction. Among various awards, Noah is the winner of the APMA's Institute for Automotive Cybersecurity's Young Cyber Achievement Award and is an Honouree on the Major League Hacking Global Top 50 List. Noah's areas of focus include secure communications and network access, automotive cybersecurity, threat research, SOC operations, technical marketing, competitive intelligence, talent development, and solutions strategy. Noah's relevant work experience includes several stints at BlackBerry leading the BlackBerry Bootcamp program, creating cybersecurity training content used by 18/20 G20 Governments, facilitating research partnerships with academic institutions, and collaborating with executives and senior leaders on activities that highlight important topics such as emerging threats, zero trust network access, and managed extended response and detection methodologies. In previous roles, Noah secured historic government investments in connectivity, small business supports, and has championed the creation and growth of various startups. Currently, at St. Clair College, Noah is working with talented student researchers and industry partners on an automotive cybersecurity research project to identify and categorize various risks associated with connected vehicles.