Cayla Wood

Cayla is a student at the University of Windsor, where she obtained a Master of Human Kinetics in Applied Human Performance and is currently a PhD Candidate in the Department of Kinesiology. Throughout her graduate studies, she has worked in the Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Research laboratory with a focus on helping individuals of all ages experience a high quality of life through health-promoting interventions. She has been part of research studies investigating various interventions to improve the well-being of society including the enhancement of cardiac rehabilitation programing for those with cardiovascular disease, yoga for breast cancer survivors, and isometric handgrip training for individuals with elevated blood pressure. She has been a student lead on many research projects, where she has refined her interpersonal skills and research skills, including project design, data collection, and data analysis. She has extensive experience working with human participants and conducting both quantitative and qualitative research. Cayla is passionate about the translation of research findings to ensure that evidence-based practice is utilized in the real-world by those who may benefit most. In May 2023, Cayla joined the St. Clair College Research and Innovation team where she works on a project as a lead researcher related to school nutrition programming.